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For further inquiries, please email us:
<Interpretation> Who are the interpreters that WINWIN recommends to customers?
< Interpretation> Why is simultaneous interpretation always carried out by a pair of interpreters?
<Interpretation> I need to record the interpretation for internal record-keeping. Is this possible?
<Interpretation> Do you have a cancellation policy?
<Interpretation/translation> What is your confidentiality policy?
<Interpretation> What simultaneous interpretation equipment does WINWIN provide?
<Interpretation> Is there any way to do simultaneous interpretation without setting up a booth?
<Interpretation> How can I get a quote?
<Interpretation> What specifically sets WINWIN apart from its competitors?
<Translation> How are the quotes calculated for English-to-Korean and Korean-to-English translations?
<Translation> I would like to ask for proofreading/editing. Who does the job?